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Dress Your Lady in Tubes and Neon Water

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You could describe Charlie Bucket‘s Fluid Dress as “flowing,” but not in the usual sense—it’s a garment made from six hundred feet of knitted tubing, pumped with neon water that dances in a beautiful ballet. It’s kinda unbelievable.

Of course that incredible choreography comes courtesy of a backpack-sized pump that has to be attached to the dress at all times, perhaps taking a bit away from the elegance of the ensemble. I imagine it might be hard to Foxtrot with an ectoplasm-pumping Proton Pack strapped to your back.

Dress Your Lady in Tubes and Neon Water

From the looks of things, Charlie’s been working on the dress since June 2009, but seeing it in action it was definitely worth the effort. [Casual Profanity via BoingBoing]


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November 17, 2010 at 6:19 pm

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