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Windows Embedded Compact 7 | Mobile Media Connection | Touch Device UI

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Your vision: to create a device that seamlessly connects with PCs, media, online content, and data. You want to reinvent the way people interact with their devices.
Microsoft Windows Embedded Compact 7 provides the tools and technologies that will help you make your vision a reality through rich, animated device user interfaces (UI), and connected experiences to productivity applications and the world of Windows.
Windows Embedded Compact 7 is available as a trial download under the Public Community Tech Preview program (Public CTP). Find out how you can get involved.


Get Microsoft Silverlight
Microsoft Silverlight

Install Microsoft Silverlight

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Seamless connectivity

Get the technologies you need to seamlessly connect to rich media, online services, Windows PCs, smartphones, and other handheld devices.

Connect and consume rich media

  • Simplify media management with new Media Library
  • Richer media streaming with updated MPEG-4 and HD support
  • Flexible plugin architecture to support third-party content

Seamless connection to Microsoft Windows 7

  • Simplify device management with integrated Windows Device Stage
  • Synchronize data and media with support for MTP

Connect to Office and personal information

  • Updated Office viewers
  • Updated AirSync and Microsoft Exchange support

Rich user experiences

You’ll have the power to deliver innovative solutions that reinvent the way end users interact with devices.

Extensible rich UI framework

  • Rich, intuitive device user interfaces with Silverlight for Windows Embedded
  • A seamless designer experience with Microsoft Expression Blend
  • Rapidly extend and customize device UI with tighter integration of XAML code generators

Rich desktop browsing

  • Updated Internet Explorer browsing engine with support for latest standards
  • Support for tabs, panning, and zooming
  • Access to rich multimedia content with support for Adobe Flash 10.1

Immersive experiences with natural touch input

  • Build highly interactive devices with support for touch input
  • Multi-touch integrated with browser for mobile device experiences
  • Extend the power of the device with support for custom gestures

A highly reliable platform

Here’s how you can build solutions and devices with tools and technologies that you can trust every step of the way.

Streamlined developer experience with Visual Studio integration

  • Visual Studio and Expression Blend tools to rapidly bring new devices to market
  • Simplify delivery of feature updates with integrated Windows Embedded Developer Update
  • Updated setup experience with minimal user intervention

Take advantage of the latest HW innovations

  • Support for latest ARM v7 architectures
  • Increased graphics performance with Open GL ES 2.0
  • Higher performance with multicore architecture and support for SMP

Increased reliability, higher performance

  • Increased networking performance with latest Windows 7 networking technologies
  • Reliable wireless connectivity and WiFi support
  • Bluetooth support (2.1) with connectivity to latest devices


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