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Hayley Williams’ TwitPic – Not a hack! – The News Chronicle

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Not a Hack: Paramore’s Hayley Williams TwitPic’d her topless picture herself (PICS!)

Hayley Williams TwitPic – The Internet has been buzzing about Hayley Williams’ TwitPic account being hacked today, resulting in a topless picture of herself (shown below) being sent to about 600,000 of her followers. What most don’t realize is that Hayley Williams was not hacked – she accidentally sent that picture herself.

Apparently, according to some very observant folks, the picture that leaked through the Paramore songstress’ TwitPic account contained data (called EXIF) which stored when and from what the picture was taken – and, guess what? Hayley Williams’ topless picture was taken approximately eight minutes before the photograph was shown via TwitPic.

hayley williams topless Not a Hack: Paramores Hayley Williams TwitPicd her topless picture herself (PICS!)

EXIF data is present in most digital pictures, and is automatically inserted in the file by the device that took the picture. It contains general information like the date and time a picture was taken and the camera model used, down to some technical stuff like the camera’s shutter speed and whether or not a flash was used.

Hayley Williams contests that her account was hacked, arguably to save face, of course. But forgive us if we can’t come to believe that Hayley managed to take a topless picture of herself on her BlackBerry, then somehow get that picture out in the open, then have some random guy hack her TwitPic account to post the picture, all in the span of eight minutes.

Uncensored photo here.

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May 28, 2010 at 5:59 pm

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