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Manly Man Monday- Wesley F.

Another Monday, another Manly Man to talk to about clothes!  Today, we are talking to Wesley F.  I always appreciate what he has to say about all things social media, so I was super excited to talk to him about what he wears….

Photo courtesy (well, stolen) from Wesley Faulkner’s Facebook

Q-Who buys your clothes?

A- I buy my own clothes.  My wife does get some clothes for me, and a lot are free giveaways from conferences like SXSW. (Editor’s note: I have given my boyfriend a couple of shirts from PubCon and he loves them.)

Q- Where do you buy most of your clothes?

A-  For casual stuff, I go to Old Navy a lot.  For a little dressier, Express Men.

Q- Do you have a physical attribute that you are self-conscious about?

A- Nope, no bodily hang-ups.  I just like it to fit.  (Editor’s note: Lucky man!!)

Q- What are the most important things you look for in your clothes?

A-  Comfort, durability, and price. (Editor’s note: Finally, someone that checks the price tag!  I like shopping, but I LOVE a bargain.)

Q- What is the first thing you check when you try on clothes?

A- With shirts, I check the stitching at the shoulders and that the length is past my waist.  With pants, I look at where it hits my shoes, and how it feels at the waist.

Q- Do you wear accessories?  If so, what do you wear?

A- I wear a watch, a SuperHero Foundation bracelet, a silver chain, a wedding ring and a belt- I have one black, one reversible dress belt and one black dress belt. (Editor’s note: Check out the link to learn about an amazing foundation!)

Q-Let’s talk shoes.  How many do you have?  What colors/styles do you prefer?

A- I am all about comfort and then style.  I found that brown goes with pretty much anything.  My daily wear shoes are two-toned.

Q- Do you pay attention to trends?

A-  I do notice them, but I don’t add them to my wardrobe.  I usually notice then mock them.  (Editor’s note: I totally appreciate that he spoke the truth.)

Q- How do you like your pants to fit?  What color/ wash do you like for your jeans?  Do you like/ wear skinny jeans?

A- I prefer loose or bootcut jeans, and I don’t like them faded or stonewashed.  I absolutely hate skinny jeans.  I would only wear them for money, like maybe $1000 a day.  (Editor’s note: Seriously, he gave a number.  Do we have any takers for a Skinny Jeans for Wesley sponsorship?)

Q- Describe your style.

A- Simple, timeless, casual.  (Editor’s note: I couldn’t have said it better myself!)

Q- What is your favorite article of clothing?

A- A tight contoured black shirt.  It’s good for wearing underneath my shirts- it’s comfortable and pretty warm.  When it gets chilly out, I can still wear my t-shirts.

Analysis: Wesley is man that doesn’t mince words, and is a totally straight shooter.  That translates into his wardrobe and his answers- his look is straight forward and a great representation of the sweet, stand up guy he is.

Next week, the adorable Tommy L……

This was written by my friend Cathy Benavides (@slavetofashion) Check out here blog here: http://austinstf.tumblr.com/post/550534440/manly-man-monday-wesley-f

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April 26, 2010 at 4:43 pm

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