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Get Some ‘Multitasking’ With Desktop for iPad

By Roberto | April 23, 2010 | 2 comments

Want to run multiple apps at the same time on your iPad? Well, you can’t run multiple apps at the same time on your iPad, at least not until the iPhone 4.0 OS update arrives. However, you shouldn’t stop looking for workarounds.

One such workaround is Desktop for iPad by Aqua Eagle. The app features ten built-in applications. You can run two of them at a time under a unified interface. Of course, this isn’t true multitasking.

However, Desktop attempts to bring some multitasking into your life. Through some split screen tricks, it gives you a browser and let you write an email on the same screen. You can also cut and paste between the two. In addition, you can use the split screen functionality to accommodate a calculator, currency converter, dictionary, maps with geolocation, a translator, unit converter, and a weather app.

While no substitute for true multitasking, Desktop comes in handy for some of you anxious to do multiple things at once on your iPad. Desktop is currently on sale for $0.99, but its price will go up to $4.99 by tomorrow (Friday). However, we’ve heard that more features are coming, including a Text Editor and Compass, and the ability to long click and open a browser link in the opposite panel.

When Apple brings its flavor of multitasking to the iPad later this year, you will have some fun. Hopefully, companies such as Aqua Eagle, will continue to develop more interesting tools and utilities that can leverage Apple’s upcoming multitasking environment. In the meantime, Desktop can be a workaround.

Desktop for iPad is on sale for U.S. $0.99 until Friday.

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