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So many of you heard about some of the problems I had in the beginning of this year. I was dealing with problems at work, separating from my wife, and the death of many of my relatives in Haiti. Since then I haven’t really brought those things back up. Let me take the time to touch on those three areas and give you an update.

First let’s tackle the work issue. I have/had basically two main titles at AMD. My main role is a product development engineer. That is the role I was hired into anyway. When I came to AMD I was overly excited about my position. It was very hard and diverse. I loved it! What is even better than my job is the team I work with, and the management I work for. I can’t think of a time where I have dreaded going to work.
Over the last few years my role has changed dramatically, not in title, but in function.  I started by evaluating 3rd party application for certification into our AMD LIVE! Program. Now I work on internally developed applications and OEM engagements. This change was the product of multiple layoffs and re-orgs. A lot of my ability to influence the final product was greatly diminished. To provide an outlet for the creativity I lost I branched out into social media.
Over the last year and a half my personal interest in social media weaved in and out of my professional life. Last October that became somewhat formalized by the title of AMD Evangelist. Notice that I used the term somewhat. I won’t get into that bitter pill. Maybe I will publish it in my tell all book after I retire. Anyways, with the emptiness and betrayal of that role no longer providing any enrichment to my life,  work has been harder for me.
Things haven’t changed in the work department much. I have just cared less about helping with their social media effort as of late. Letting that go has lifted the burden, but I am sad about the outcome.

Moving onto my relationship with my wife. Things got really bad for a little while. I left the house during a particularly difficult time. She was struggling with some real feelings of frustration and abandonment. I interpreted a lot of the problems she was having as an affront on me. This was wrong and I should have handled it better. I was so hurt by what was going on that it made it very difficult to communicate without being filled with sorrow and pain.
It took me a while to break through and look beyond myself, and to focus on her and our relationship. We are still working on things (which is a constant in any good relationship), but so far it has been a great jump in our development and has fostered greater understanding of our needs as a couple and individuals.

Of course in the mist of all of this happening in my life there was a massive earthquake in Haiti. My mom is Haitian and I haven’t been there since I was 12, but I still have strong memories and ties to that country. My main concern was for my mom, and how she was dealing with the loss of 80% of her extended family. Right now she is at peace about what happened. She feels that in the end thimgs will finally start to get better for that country.

So all in all I am doing pretty well. Feel free to ask me how things are going or how I am felling. The year started off rough, but things are really starting to look up. I have some interesting opportunities ahead of me and I can’t wait to see how this new chapter unfolds.


This is in referance to a previous blog post: http://wesley83.posterous.com/how-am-i-feeling


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March 20, 2010 at 6:50 pm

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