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OpenAustin Meeting Notes

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Meeting Start: 12:14 PM 2/21/2010



Discuss infrastructure needed

Crowd sourcing Support

Marketing and engagement



-Discuss infrastructure needed

Current inventory of resources:

Jive page

Facebook Page

Twitter page

OpenAustin page

Services App

Pole Daddy


Like to have:

Introduction page (1- page)

One site that unifies all assets

Crowd sourcing Support

How we do the e-service inventory

What do we need to do this first

-Marketing and engagement

Website elements we want:


Task assignment status and submission


Skill survey and registration

Learn about OpenAustin

Ideas  Site (deleted)

Overall initiatives and progress on those

Next steps:

·         Eliminate the Pole Daddy –   Bring that data and form that into our site and control it locally.

·         Make a real OpenAustin Site –  Make a new static page initially to get started.

·         Transition off of Jive – Unify the log in so it makes it easier to sign up.

·         Arrange a meetup to help gain awareness, support, and feedback.

Phase 1: 

·         Roll out basic site with registration (with Skills Survey)

·         Have info on what OpenAustin is and what we do

·         Make sure that a firm date is communicated and info is sent in a timely manner

·         What is expected of volunteers

·         FAQ

o   Talk about the charter

·         Jive setup:  make sure that work items can be assigned to people and they get notified about the work. (Dump Jive)

Phase 2:

·         List of items needed from the community to support OpenAustin Infrastructure and operations.



Setup up meetup to have a trial run to make sure everything works together.


Next meeting is: Austin Java, 1206 Parkway, Austin, TX 78703 11:45am – 12:45pm

The meeting will be about: Finalize the meetup. Talk about progress on the next steps.


Meeting End: 2:29 PM 2/21/2010


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